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Why Choose Triskell PPM Factory


Triskell PPM Factory allow you to define the exact Portfolio Management Solution you need.

Triskell PPM-Factory is the only company-wide Saas solution on the Project Portfolio management market today to offer you all the flexibility and all the capabilities to:

  • Break down any business strategy into multiple portfolios and organizations.
  • Dynamically prioritize, fund and staff initiatives and actions according to strategic targets, but also available budgets and resources.
  • Plan work and schedule your resources in a standard or agile mode.
  • Dynamically control execution and progress on several axes and identify the potential gaps with the original targets.
  • Realign periodically strategy and execution.

Support any Changes in the Organization. With Triskell PPM-Factory business users can easily configure and re-configure on the go, Triskell PPM-Factory, to encapsulate strategy and business processes in a unique multi-organization and multi portfolios environment.

Since project is not everything, Triskell PPM-Factory allow you to modelize any kind of portfolios, Application, Programs, Projects, PMO….

Top-down and Bottom-up.

Triskell PPM_Factory  can both, it support Top-down portfolio management, bottom-up project & resource management, or a blended approach.

With Triskell PPM Factory, Top-down strategy definition and guidance can meet bottom-up project execution in a single environment, reducing cost and insuring value delivering.

Any kind of Portfolios.

Project Portfolio Management (PPM), Project Management Office (PMO), Product Porfolio Application Management, Financial Management, Business & Strategy,  Triskell PPM Factory provides an extremely flexible and powerful way to manage different business objectives into a single platform. With Triskell PPM Factory, your organization can create, analyze, combine, add, link…, different portfolios and each maintain a repository of objects completely different.

Advanced Object and Workflow Modelization.

With Triskell PPM Factory, you can create with a few clicks as many busines objects as your solution requires: projects, products, risks, tasks, deliverables, departments, teams, contracts and much more. Every business object (projects, risks, contracts..) has its own lifecycle (workflow), from the simplest one (active / non active) to the most complete one.

Flexible & Scalable.

The needs of Companies and Users evolve over time: With Triskell PPM Factory, you can activate new features or extend the scope & coverage of your Solution very easily without any IT knowledge, and more importantly, for Free. Achieve Unmatched User Adoption getting the perfect fit solution for you, nothing more, nothing less.

Enterprise Cloud Platform (SaaS).

Triskell multi-tenant cloud architecture scales on demand environments on high-performance data centers in US and Europe, providing consistent performance and reliability. We manage all system maintenance and upgrades, ensuring you always have the latest updates. Private cloud option is also available for organizations with very specific security and compliance requirements.

For anyone.

Executives, IT Managers, PMO Officers, Project Managers, Financial Controllers, Resource Managers and any other, like line of business managers, product managers, team members etc… PPM Factory allows to modelize very fast the right solution for everyone and to get rid of people developing isolated spreadsheets.

Feature Rich. 

No functional or technical patchwork in Triskell PPM Factory. All the features described below are included natively in any Triskell Solution.  And there is no extra-cost for activation nor custom configuration/development to get them working. Multiple portfolio & Organization, Life-cycles & Workflow, Budget & Resource Management, Score cards, Advance Staffing & Resourcing, Gantt Chart, Agile Scrum board, Simulation, Document management, Collaboration, And much more ….

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