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PPM-Factory propose a full ranges of services to help you to deploy and maintain your Portfolio Solution quickly and at the best possible price.

PPM-Factory and it partners provide the complete range of services from the Software Solution to maintenance and the animation of your Portfolio Management.

Reduce your cost by outsourcing everything you need or want, depending on your financial and human constraints. Once again Triskell PPM-Factory breaks the barriers, and gives you more flexibility and power to execute.

Our implementation & Optimization Service Takes You Where You Want to Go.

Our consultants combine Triskell Software expertise with strong portfolio-management expertise. A dedicated consultant will guide you from start to finish.

Maximize ROI and reduce deployment period.

Combining strong business knowledge background with deep Triskell PPM-Factory design and configuration knowledge, our consultants help you to configure your portfolio Management System and to deploying it quickly.

Avoid time consuming training.

Because with Triskell PPM-Factory you design the exact solution for your need for every kind of actor in your organization, people will quickly adopt the solution and love the easy to use and consistent user interface. Our consultants will help you to streamline this adoption process.

We guide you to meet your objectives on time.

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We provide:

• Contextual solutions adapted to customers’ maturity
• Highly scalable and progressive solutions
• Organization, Processes and Company culture assessments
• Agile approach though the whole lifecycle of the project
• Short learning curve to insure user adoption
• To get you started and keep you going

How we do it:

• Strong scoping phase to secure the project (based on Innovation Games®)
• Agile approach based on prioritized backlog
• Iterative workshops allowing regular prototype validation
• Full assistance from project scoping up to roll-out phase
• Strong knowledge and feedback on Portfolio, Program & Project Management processes and tool implementations

Triskell PPM-Factory X-Press – Transform you Project Management Office (PMO) in a Value Management Office (VMO).

Finally, an all-inclusive PPM SaaS service for your PMO!  This offer allows you to streamline your project portfolio management system and provide your PMO all necessary tools to insure projects success.

The X-Press offer is an all inclusive package that stops people to continue developing heterogeneous spreadsheets on their own.

What is Triskell PPM-Factory X-Press?

Because companies must improve their performance, it is imperative for them to get under control of the different kind of portfolios (projects, demand, applications …). Therefor PMO and Project Offices must have a solution that completely avoids IT constraints and provides total visibility of Portfolio(s) , without surprises or hidden costs. Triskell PPM Factory X-Press is a service package specifically designed for companies wishing to rapidly get control of their Portfolio Management system.

What is included?

The Triskell PPM-Factory X-Press offers includes:
  • Up to 10 User licenses
  • Implementation services
  • Portfolio data input
  • Super-user training
Within 2 to 4 weeks the first Portfolio (IT or business projects, requests, applications, maintenance, strategic plan or blueprint) will be operational.Monthly subscription includes everything you need to get your Portfolio under control, providing users with a feature rich SaaS solution.

Outsourced PMO

Today most organizations recognize the benefits of SaaS Solution externalizing Software management and maintenance. With Triskell PPM-Factory, you can go one step further, externalizing your PMO operation.

Why externalize your PMO?

Many organizations recognize the value of a PMO but have difficulty staffing this critical organization. This could be because:
  • They do not have the right skills
  • They do not need a full-time PMO
  • They do not consider it a core competency
  • They don’t have the funding for it
Triskell PPM-Factory’s virtual PMO provides organizations with a cost-effective way to provide the full benefits a project management office (PMO) can give to insure and increase the likelihood of delivery success.

What we offer?

  • project management processes,
  • PMO training,
  • PM training, PMI, Prince2, Agile
  • PMO and PM framework
  • PMO coaching sessions,
  • project status reporting and consolidation,
  • project audits,
  • preparation for project management certification,
  • portfolio management process execution
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