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With Triskell PPM Factory you:

  • get a holistic view of all relevant and related project data in real time,

  • allows Project Managers to immediately see the entire life-cycle of the project,

  • significantly reduce project administration and reporting times

  • standardize your core project management toolset.

Image Triskell-Project-Managers

Increase Project Success Rate

Triskell PPM-Factory provides to Project Managers all the essential features to manage the entire project lifecycle in one single solution. Gantt charts, Kanban boards, project score cards, cost and time tracking to support efficient project planning and execution in order to deliver more project on time, on the budget, and at a higher quality.

Streamline Project Management Process

Whether you prefer adaptive or predictive project management methodologies Triskell PP- Factory is the right platform. Intuitive project templates that cover everything from standard work breakdown structures, issue logs, change request to approval and review processes and workflow allows project results to be more predictable.

More project on target

Image Triskell PPM-Factory More Project on Target

Clear Project Tracking

Image Triskell PPM-Factory Clear Project Tracking

Keep Projects on Time and Budget

Triskell PPM-Factory allows Project Managers build the right framework that provides consistent project status reporting that can be interpreted at all levels – team members, project managers, sponsors and executives – to keep, people, money and delivery under control, no matter if you prefer a top-own or bottom-up approach.
Triskell PPM-Factory provides a centralized location to monitor resources, deadlines, budgets, and expenses of your projects. Easily compare estimates versus actuals and reduce the risk of running over budget or missing deadlines. Intuitive and flexible reports, dashboards, and score cards enable you to analyse and track the status of your projects based on real-time data from your project team.

Drive Improved Communication and involve all Stakeholders

Like PMOs, Project Managers need to have an overview of their projects to pro-actively communicate project status and health what is critical for improving stakeholder relationships. Triskell PPM-Factory allows defining an adapt review and approval processes on any business objects, like project requests, budgets, issues, risk, plans, and others…A single repository for all stakeholder work items provides visibility across the entire team into project status and decision-making.

Accurate Communication

Image Triskell PPM-Factory Accurate Project Communication
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