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Business Engagement and Strong Governance

A complete and Configurable Framework for Transformation Leaders.

Triskell PPM-Factory Business Engagement and Strong Governance – A complete and Configurable Framework for Transformation Leaders.

Share your vision, manage programs, define targets, measure actuals, and keep all stakeholder in the loop.

Streamline your Change Management Process

A Framework for Transformation Leaders

Being responsible for overseeing all areas of a business, implementing operational changes and delivering measurable improvements Transformation Leaders have a challenging and diverse role. They need a powerful, comprehensive and intuitive enterprise framework.
Triskell PPM-Factory allows you to rapidly configure and deploy easy-to-use transformation management frameworks.  It will help you define a clear environment to streamline processes for initiatives definition, prioritisation and execution.

Maximise your resources and achieve strategic goals by getting the best of your human and financial resources

Triskell PPM-Factory provides you full visibility so that you can see exactly where and how to engage your resources to achieve expected goals and benefits quickly and easily. Get real-time access and visibility into current resource capacity, demand and availability.
 Triskell PPM-Factory Advance Resource Management capabilities allow you to optimise transformation program execution and business initiatives achievement.

Efficient Ressource Management for Quicker Benefits

Increase Visibility and Confidence

Image Triskell PPM-Factory Increase Visibility

Deliver greater visibility and control

Triskell PPM-Factory provides real-time visibility of Transformation Program Execution, providing a clear picture to all stakeholders with actual initiative goals status versus expected values.  Thanks to Triskell Transformation leaders can provide the organisation with dashboards and reports to ensure effective governance and communication about the Transformation Program.

Adjust Governance where it needs to be

Thanks to the flexibility of Triskell PPM-Factory you can adapt the level of governance and reporting for each part of your organisation. You can decide if you want to conduct change with proper and formal project management or simple goal tracking.

You Know How to Deliver Results

Triskell PPM-Factory’s powerful and easy-to-use prioritisation and what-if analysis allow you to easily identify which initiatives and programs will deliver the quicker results and benefit for your organisation.
Triskell PPM-Factory’s roll-up functions allow the transformation manager to get a real picture of Transformation Program achievement and benefits at any time. It helps the transformation leader to focus on benefits in state of delivery to serve strategy and not the ongoing operation.

Quickly Deliver Benefits for the Organisation

Make Real Business Decision

Image Triskell PPM-Factory Make Better Decision

Ensure alignment with Strategy and Business Goals

Triskell PPM-Factory helps you to prioritise and align new transformation initiatives with business priorities considering resource availability, risk, profitability and strategic importance.  Triskell PPM-Factory provides a clear view of business initiatives and programmes related to your business goals.

Improve Change and Program Management maturity over time

Start improving organisational Transformation Management maturity with the best practice solution templates. Then customise and extend the transformation management framework over time as your needs evolve.
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