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The Soluster team have managed more than 200 project portfolio management systems deployment to date.

Whatever type of project, R&D, IT or PSA you may have chosen, and whatever methods you might be using, our consultants can help you put in place and optimise your processes.  They are familiar with most of the standard project management tools  : PMI, Agile, Stage Gate , Prince 2, Scrum.

More than 200 companies have benefited so far from our expertise in implementing project management systems, from SMEs to large international companies.



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Our Company – Triskell Software LLC
Founded in 2010, Triskell Software LLC is an American Company having its headquarters in Doral – Florida, but which is deeply rooted in Europe.
Its name Triskell finds its origins back to the Antic Greece (Triskeles or Triskelion).
The symbol has been represented in most European countries at different periods of time and even on some national and regional flags: France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, England and many other countries.
myAMS is a distribution partner for software publishers wishing to develop quickly on French-speaking territories and increase their market share.

Unlike most service providers, we are 100% oriented on software products and solutions for organizations. myAMS has a dedicated pre-sales and engineering team as well as a team of technical experts.  We work with qualified and certified partners for implementation projects.

At myAMS, we offer our software distribution expertise and especially our customer base to validate your solution on the French-speaking market.  We also ensure the associated distribution service setup: marketing actions (lead generation, press contact…), pre-sales, contract operations, support and training.

Created in 2010 by 3 partners with over 60 years of experience in software publishing, myAMS is a private company whose head office is located in Boulogne-Billancourt (92), France.

ProGemma GmbH is a medium-sized consulting company with the focus on efficiency improvement, project-portfolio management and M&A support.

Over the last 25 years, ProGemma have successfully implemented more than 300 national and international projects.

ProGemma focus on the successful implementation of the agreed goal, which are implemented together with customer employees. Our specialists will define the architecture of our project management in order to meet the needs of all stakeholders and all processes.

The ProGemma approach differs significantly from conventional consulting approaches. We combine strategy, tactics and operations in every field. We work in a goal-oriented, partnership-oriented and situation-oriented manner – and always with pragmatic means.

As a cooperation partner, ProGemma actively supports PPM-FACTORY in the implementation of Triskell software.

About Bootplan

Our team of professionals is exclusively dedicated to the sales and implementation of Project and Portfolio Management tools. This provides our especialized staff with a strong and deep knowledge on the best market options.

We are commited to overcome the hurdles of implementing management tools through modular software,enabeling the quickly configuration and adaptation in a user-friendly way.

The approach we propose allows for a strong reduction in costs associated to the installation and Go Live for our customers.

We aim at being a business partner that ensures the eficiency and the effectiveness of project and portfolio software implementations.

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