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PMO Management


A single source of truth for business and IT projects, demand, application and strategic portfolios with an automated capture of project data to minimize errors.

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Business Strategy

Triskell PPM-Factory PMO Management supports demand management process (Project and non-Project request)  in order to select which project initiatives will be the most beneficial to your organization.

Clear Request Scoring Models

Triskell PPM-Factory provides intuitive and configurable project scoring templates to streamline the evaluation process. Well-known bubble charts and score cards to score project requests and ongoing projects against, in order to have an instant view of which project meets the key business goals.

Demand Management

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Capacity Planning

Maximize Resource Usage

Image Triskell PPM-Factory Resource Capacity Planning ROI

Clear View of Resource Availability to prioritize Projects and Initiatives

Triskell PPM-Factory PMO Management Top-Down approach allows you to plan future resource requirements based on your strategy while consolidating current resource usage managed in on-going Project and non-project activities, including the “What if?” scenario. This ensures all projects are prioritized based on your overall capability, with a more strategic approach to resource planning, resource usage and utilization, and is improved across the entire organization.

You know who is doing what and when

Gantt chart, Agile task boards, Timesheet, reports and roll-up functions part of Triskell PPM-Factory provide clear visibility and decision support to all levels of management.

Increase Visibility, Monitor Progress

Triskell PPM-Factory’s top-down approach to Project Portfolio Management ensures that PMOs and Executives have the right tools required to make informed decisions when it comes to people, finance, deliverables and benefits:
  • Dashboard and reports with full drill-down capability.
  • Reports on project resources, progress, costs, and results within and across project portfolio.

Manage Multi-Portfolios

Triskell PPM-Factory allows you to modelize multiple project portfolio environments in a single system so that you can configure a best-in-breed experience for different types of users.

Effective Portfolio Management

Image Triskell PPM-Factory Effective Portfolio Management

Program and Project Management

Maximize Project and Program Management Success

Image Triskell PPM-Factory Program and Project Management

Clear view of Program and Project Status

Triskell PPM-Factory lets you design the solution you need to get a single location to monitor time, budgets, and expenses for your programs and projects. Reduce the risk of missed delivery and running over budget, getting real-time data on estimates versus actuals. Improve project governance by consistently tracking and measuring project progress.

Deliver value for the organization

Triskell PPM-Factory allows you to standardize how benefits are recorded, scored and tracked at all PMO levels, making it so much easier to evaluate the tangible and intangible benefits of your business initiatives across the entire organization.

Powerful Financial Analysis for Forecasting and Tracking Across the Portfolio

With Triskell PPM-Factory PMO Management you get real-time analysis – from individual projects to the whole portfolio. It’s incredible flexibility allows you to manage financial forecasts, budgets, ROI, Margins and any other financial indicators, in multi-period, multi-currency, with the expected granularity and consolidation.

Material expenses and labour costs under control

Manage budget and track actuals, according to any requested attributes, labour, non-labor, capital or non-capital, or any other according to your needs.  Triskell PPM-Factory allows you to not only to control but also avoid slippage and to adjust budget allocation in real time.

You know exactly where you spend your money

Triskell’s built-in labour rate functionality combines with material expenses and easy to use timesheets for a complete picture of project finances.

Financials Management

Total Control of Portfolio and Project Costs

Image Triskell PPM-Factory Financials Management

Extreme Flexibility to give you Total Control

Image Triskell PPM-Factory Extreme Flexibility

Get rid of Excel spreadsheets

Thanks to Triskell PPM-Factory extreme flexibility you will be able to setup the perfect PMO Management system for your organization, giving you the opportunity to meet everyone needs in a single, centralized, easy to use and flexible solutions. The approach gives you the flexibility of a spreadsheet, but without all the aggravation of copy and paste to apply the calculations to every project. It’s simple, powerful, flexible …and much less error prone than using a spreadsheet.
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