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Service Pack 1 for Triskell Fall 2015

Triskell Software will be part of the PMI Congress 2016 – EMEA
April 20, 2016

Service Pack 1 for Triskell Fall 2015


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We are pleased to publish this Service Pack 1 for Triskell Fall 2015, which provides several new capabilities, feature enhancements and bug fixes.

The main improvements included in this release are:

·        Major performance improvements on Time booking and Time-Phased Attributes. It is at least 5 to 10 times faster to edit values

·        Graphical design tool for object workflows

·        Possibility to define the width of attributes in attributes panel

·        Possibility to create in grids dynamic filters based on roles

·        Possibility to send mails after timesheet submission and approval

·        New option to show or hide non active users in the Timesheet Summary

·        Possibility to add attachments directly from the Properties page, any attribute panel or from Comments

·        New job type allowing the rollups of resource pools into time-phased attributes by batch

·        New Job type allowing to generate custom reports and to send them to users by batch

·        New Gantt option allowing to import a MSP project into Triskell

·        New option on Management Entities to control if they can be used for staffing or not

·        Minor UI improvements

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