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Enterprise Portfolio Management.

Much more than PPM, connecting organization and people over the overall enterprise.

Triskell PPM-Factory provides solutions to manage different Business portfolios. From the Department of Finance to Marketing, through IT, R&D, etc.

Triskell PPM-Factory enables the handling of complexity within organizations with their specific management requirements.

Triskell PPM-Factory provides an extremely flexible and powerful way to manage different business objectives into a single platform. With Triskell PPM-Factory, your organization can create, analyze, combine, add,  and link different portfolios and each maintain a repository of objects completely different.
Project Portfolio Management

Project Portfolio Management

Triskell Project Portfolio Management (PPM) provides Top-Down Portfolio Management capabilities to manage both human and financial resources in accordance with companywide capacities.
Place, projects, business initiatives, on-going activities, and resources, under one single umbrella in order to stay on track and to align execution with company strategy and capacity.
Maximize Project Portfolio ROI. Triskell PPM-Factory helps you to increase project success ratio while managing risk across the entire project portfolio and keep costs under close control.



Resource Management

Triskell PPM-Factory helps you to maximize your more valuable asset; your resources.
Triskell PPM-Factory gives you the ability to manage resources across different portfolios. You have the full picture of who is doing what and when.
Triskell PPM-Factory support the entire resource allocation process, including high level demand planning, capacity planning and effective resource assignment.
Advance “what-if” capabilities allow you to define different scenarios, to consider resource demands regarding running project and coming initiatives, in order to plan future resource usage in accordance with business priority and existing capacity.

Project & Program Management

Triskell PPM-Factory provides you with all the tools to stay on the top of your projects. Manage plans, task, budgets and activities in waterfall (Gantt), agile (scrum board) or combined way.
With Triskell PPM-Factory you always know resources usage, estimated and actual costs, deliverable status, task progression, and much more. You know what was done, how long it took, what it costs, what remains to be done,  as well as the problems encountered and the results.
No matter the methodology you want to put in place, Triskell PPM-Factory, supports the entire process, including demand, risk, issues, change request, workflows, document management and communication, in a fully configurable environment.





Financial Management

Triskell PPM-Factory insures that you have real-time information for a total financial visibility and control over your project portfolios.
Triskell PPM-Factory’s combination of unique Top-Down and Bottom-up approach provides you real-time visibility into budget performance, forecasts, and discrepancies across the entire projects portfolio. Thanks to advance and seamless roll-up and drill-down capabilities to any level in your portfolio, program and project hierarchy, Triskell PPM-Factory gives you complete control over the profitability and financial performance of your Projects Portfolio.
Integration with popular financial system and ERP, avoids double data entry and insure data consistency across the organization.

Application Management

Triskell PPM -Factory Application Portfolio Management helps organization to understand which applications brings value and what are the real cost and resource usage linked to each applications.
This way you can take the right decision to rationalize your application portfolio, to reduce operation and maintenance costs insure the best service and added value for the business.




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Ultimate Flexibility – Any kind of Portfolio

Triskell PPM-Factory has been designed to let you modelize your own Portfolio Management system to manage:
  • Any kind of project, portfolio, or program…
  • Any business; project methodology.
  • Any workflow to support your own business flow.
  • Any kind of business object with as many attributes as you want.
  • For anyone in the enterprise.

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