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Triskell PPM-Factory Advanced Object Modelization to fit everyone needs.

Limited only by your requirements & your imagination.

Flexible PPM Software - Modelize Portfolios and objects in only a few clicks without requiring expensive custom code and service engagements, and without compromising ease of use.

Bottom line: get exactly the tool you need and achieve unexpected ROI and user adoptions, in a very short deployment cycle.

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Advanced Object Modelization

With Triskell PPM-Factory, you can create as many management objects as your solution requires with only a few clicks: projects, products, risks, tasks, deliverables, departments, teams, contracts and much more. Each of these objects can be attached to a structure or other object. Each object can have natively:
A lifecycle.
An unlimited number of custom attributes.
An unlimited number of custom roles defining the access to rights.
A set of features for the object: master plan, Gantt chart, scrum board, resource pools reports and much more.
An unlimited number of custom relationships with other objects.
You can tune up your Solution as you like.
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Lifecycles & Workflows

Every object in Triskell PPM-Factory (projects, risks, contracts..) has its own lifecycle, from the simplest one (active / non active) to the most complex one. Lifecycles include:
Stages with control of the roles, attributes and features accessible at that stage (in combination with the user role on the object).
Transitions between stages with mandatory documents and comments. Transitions can be controlled by role, so that only certain roles can advance an object from one stage to another.
History of lifecycle changes for accurate tracking.

Flexible & Scalable

The needs of Companies and Users evolve over time: With Triskell PPM-Factory, you can activate new features or extend the scope & coverage of your Solution easily without any IT knowledge, and more importantly, for Free.
Triskell PPM-Factory has many features and functions but you won’t always need all of them for your company. One advantage of this system is that people can fully adapt to their working system and structural needs. It’s not the same being a transnational construction company as it is being small textile enterprise.
Achieve Unmatched User Adoption getting the perfect fit solution for you, nothing more, nothing less.
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