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New Levels of Visibility and Control from Strategy to Project Execution.

Any organizations, any Portfolios, maximum results.

Triskell PPM-Factory allow you to define the exact Portfolio Management Solution you need.

Triskell PPM-Factory is the only company-wide Saas solution on the Project Portfolio management market today to offer you all the flexibility and all the
capabilities to:

  • Break down any business strategy into multiple portfolios and organizations.
  • Dynamically prioritize, fund and staff initiatives and actions according to strategic targets, but also available budgets and resources.
  • Plan work and schedule your resources in a standard or agile mode.
  • Dynamically control execution and progress on several axes and identify the potential gaps with the original targets.
  • Realign periodically strategy and execution.

Why Triskell PPM-Factory ?

  • It support any Changes in the Organization.
  • Top-down and Bottom-up. Triskell PPM-Factory can both.
  • It support any kind of Portfolios. Project Portfolio Management (PPM), Project Management Office (PMO), Product Porfolio Application Management, Financial Management, Business & Strategy
  • It provides Advanced Object and Workflow Modelization, to get rid of customizations

  • Triskell PPM-Factory is Flexible & Scalable.
  • Runs on Enterprise Cloud Platform (SaaS).
  • Designed for anyone, any roles, any kind of business.
  • Feature Rich.
  • No functional or technical patchwork in Triskell PPM-Factory.
  • And much more.

Triskell PPM-Factory allows you to design very fast the perfect portfolio management system for any kind of business.

Discover for free the Triskell PPM Factory Revolution. With Triskell Express be up and running in less than a week.

Because business and strategy are evolving

In the today world organization and challenge are changing quickly. Triskell PPM-Factory allows to adapt, extend your PPM environment by adding, updating business object and rules on the flight, with no coding.

Support your todays and tomorrows business needs

Triskell PPM-Factory is so flexible that it allows you to modelize any methodology, any process, any business object. This is a unique way to secure your investment and maximize your ROI.

Limited only by your Imagination.

Immage Triskell PPM-Factory Limited only by your Imagination

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