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Is a Project Portfolio Management Solution in Your Future?

You’re a growing company with new projects in the works, projects that are currently happening and a debris field of successful and failed projects behind you. You have some info…some data that will help you decide what projects to take on, what to pass on, and what to do next, after that, and after that. But where do you put it…how do you use it? The answer? A project portfolio management (PPM) tool or solution.

PPM Benefits for the Project Management Office

Most organizations and technology leaders agree that even a modest investment in a project
portfolio management solution can yield noticeable benefits – even significant returns in some
cases of higher dollar applications across the enterprise. Commonly conceived benefits of a Project
Portfolio Management solution implementation include:
• Prioritization for decision-making
• Faster project executions
• More accurate and planning and forecasting of investments in projects for the organization
• More optimized resource utilization
As we consider in this paper the key benefits a PPM solution can bring to the project office roles in
the organization, let’s first consider what a PPM is and what it does for the organizations that
interact with it…

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