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Improve your business performance by having all your strategic and execution plans in one single place.


Build your vision and define strategic plans.

By using Create strategic plans to identify, list, prioritize and share enterprise goals and initiatives. Triskell PPM-Factory allows you to leverage score cards, SMART Goals definition, KPI(s) and other methodologies, to capture and share your vision and strategy.

Cascade goals down through your entire organization.

Triskell PPM-Factory’s extreme flexibility allows you to cascade strategic goals and KPI(s) across all levels and portfolios of your organization as well as annual plans. You will know exactly which projects, initiatives and applications, support your current strategy.

Define and Formalize Strategy

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Align Excecution with Strategy

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Put Strategy at the heart of your organization.

Cascading strategic goals and KPI across all your portfolios will ensure that all your employees, projects, applications, and resource usage can be aligned with corporate goals in order to serve the organization.

Make Real Business Decisions to support your strategy. .

Triskell PPM Factory is easy to use and configures scoring features. A review of workflows allows you to make the best business decision when it comes to priorities, funding and resource allocations. This way you know exactly which projects, initiatives, products, or application bring the most to your organization, helping you to achieve the same in order to stop non-profitable actions and initiatives.

Top down approach to push your plans across the whole organization.

Triskell PPM-Factory’s unique capabilities to link portfolios with strategic plans and corporate goals will ensure that big plans are reflected into the whole hierarchy down to actionable items. All Triskell PPM-Factory’s components, plans, deliverables, tasks, risks, issues, and ideas can be configured to track impact and contribution to strategic plans.

Bottom-up approach with automatic roll-up of progress.

Cascade strategies and goals through total portfolios structures and roll-up actuals and results across all levels to have a clear understanding of the progress of parent goals based on the progress of any contributing goal.

Multiple sources of data to get accurate tracking.

Tack KPI(s) and goals across Triskell-PPM Factory or/and pull in data from other PM and PPM Software. Enter or update goals and results manually where needed.

Drive Execution

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Engage People

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Everyone is informed about and accountable for strategy.

Assign responsibilities and timelines to ensure that everyone knows how they can contribute to the big plan, gain visibility into shared progress, and avoid any surprises. Build a culture of accountability.

Insure and support cross-departmental collaboration.

Triskell PPM-Factory’s multi-portfolio capabilities serve the need for each department and measure their contribution at the same time in order to achieve corporate goals. Create a corporate work culture that foster collaboration, transparency, and accountability on every level of the organization.

Get Instant Visibility to your business.

Leverage Triskell PPM-Factory’s configurable dashboards, score cards and automatic roll-up capabilities allow you to quickly understand portfolio status and contribute to the strategy. It empowers executives, managers, senior leaders with robust, real-time reports that provide the complete view of the organization.

Performance tracking.

Compare goals and KPIS targets with actuals at all levels, corporates, portfolios, and projects in order to know if your organization is executing according to the plan. An aligning key performance measures business goals to get a 360 degree view of your organization and be able to make informed business definitions.

Measure Results

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