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Triskell PPM-Factory’s unique Resource Management solution help Resource Managers to have full overview of your resources workload and demand.


Whether you are allocating named or generic resources for existing projects or planning for future resource needs, having the ability to proactively manage your resource pool is key for aligning with the business.


Ensure accurate project planning.

Triskell PPM-Factory provides Resource Managers a consistent approach of projects and resources planning processes, with detail of tasks and the resources involved.  It provides a clear link between Capacity Management and effective resource assignment in project planning.
Top-down approach starting with a high level of demand planning which allows clear project selection and prioritization process, assessment of project demand against resource demand, including the ability to model different scenarios to secure assignment decisions.

Accurate Project Planning

Image Triskell PPM-Factory Accurate Project Planning

100% Visibility

Image Triskell PPM-Factory Total Project Visibility

Who is doing What and When.  

Triskell PPM-Factory unique Resource Management solution help you to have a full overview of your teams’ workload and usage across all projects in the portfolio and manage bi directional communication with Project Managers properly.
For Resource Managers, it is essential that you have real-time information to understand the demand upon your resources, their availability and what work they are currently assigned to.
Approved timesheet reports to analyze resource capability and utilization.

Reduces Costs.

Reduce overall project human costs maximizing resources usage and minimizing down-time with clear and efficient project staffing and planning.

Maximize Profit. 

Reducing non-billable hours, identifying and addressing the resources that affect margins. Define resources’ internal costs as well multi-rate management for billable hours.

Right tool for All. 

Different kind of Projects ask for different kinds of planning tools to maximize resource engagement result. Triskell PPM-Factory supports both Agile Scrum boards and Gantt chart, even in the same project of needed.

Time is Money

Image Triskell PPM-Factory Reduce Project Costs

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