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Why should portfolio management software be difficult to modelize, understand and use?

Why can’t you get exactly the set of functions and granularity your need for each kind of users?

Break those barriers with Triskell PPM-Factory.


Ease of Use for Fast Implementation and Faster ROI.

Happy employees are more productive. With Triskell PPM-Factory you have the opportunity to provide employees the exact solution they are looking for, with an easy to use and consistent user interface.  Break the email and spreadsheet habit and feel the flow of seamlessly managed data.

Make your team More Productive.

By reducing administrative tasks, people will focus on strategic business priorities. Triskell PPM-Factory allows you to modelize your process and workflow to save time, reduce errors, and boost satisfaction.

Insure Adoption

Image Triskell PPM-Factory Ease of Use

Limited only by your Imagination

Immage Triskell PPM-Factory Limited only by your Imagination

Because one size doesn’t fit all.

At PPM-Factory we know that every business is different, this is why leveraging Triskell extreme flexibility PPM-Factory allows to adapt and extend your environment by adding and updating business objects and rules on the flight, with no coding.

Support  today’s and tomorrow’s business needs.

Triskell PPM-Factory is so flexible that it allows you to modelize any methodology, process, and business object. This is a unique way to secure your investment and maximize your ROI.

Deploy a Company-wide Solution including:

  • Demand management
  • Capacity management
  • Resource management
  • Portfolio management
  • Project and program management
  • Agile Project Management
  • Financial management
  • Application portfolio management
  • IT service management

One single solution for all.

With Triskell PPM-Factory, you can manage on a same instance, heterogeneous portfolios of demands, business projects or IT projects and link these related objects for a full and comprehensive management of your activity.

A single Cloud Solution providing all necessary Functions

Image Triskell PPM-Factory SaaS Cloud Solution

Financial Integration

Image Triskell PPM-Factory Financial Integration

Seamlessly integration to avoid for data consistency and avoid double data entry.

Triskell PPM-Factory enables powerful financial management processes that integrate with Financial systems (ERP) to enable charge-back processes and financial reconciliation. Based on standard API and web services, we can provide integration with all ERP systems like SAP, Oracle,  and Microsoft Dynamics among others.

Get rid of Excel spreadsheets.

Thanks to Triskell PPM-Factory ‘s extreme flexibility you will be able to set up the perfect Portfolio Management system for your organization, giving you the opportunity to meet everyone’s needs in a single, centralized, easy to use and flexible solution. The approach gives you the flexibility of a spreadsheet, but without all the aggravation of copy and paste to apply the calculations to every project. It’s simple, powerful, flexible …and much less error prone than using a spreadsheet.

Extreme Flexibility to give you Total Control

Image Triskell PPM-Factory Extreme Flexibility

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