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Easy-to-use Master Plans for clear overview of Strategy and Portfolio Execution time line with Powerful Gantt Chart for easy Project and Resource Planning.

Gantt Chart

Triskell PPM-Factory Gantt chart allows users to schedule any object (i.e. projects, maintenances) in full web mode. The Gantt chart is 100% embedded in Triskell (no interface required). It includes:
Hierarchical management of tasks.
Multi-unit for duration and effort (hours, days, weeks, months).
All types of dependencies between tasks (FS, SS, FF, SF) with Lag.
Multi-baseline management.
Critical path.
Multiple modes for resource assignments (fixed duration, effort driven, dynamic assignment).
Imposed dates.
Progress management with auto-progress feature.
Rollup of actuals from timesheets.
Auto rollup of task assignments to pools and attributes.
Highly graphical and easy to use.

Easy to use and Powerful Planning Tool

Image Triskell PPM-Factory Gantt chart

Avoid Resource Overbooking


Detailed planning with clear view of Resource Usage to Prevent any Allocation Conflict.

Easy-to-use web-based Gantt-chart with real-time display of resource usage and overbooking to make the project manager’s life easier.  Graphically identify over-allocation directly during project planning and staffing.


Graphically identify over-allocation directly during project planning and staffing.

Resource managers get a real-time view of project plans including actual updates through approved timesheets, enabling the efficient management of resources across projects.

Get a clear understanding of Strategy items, or Portfolio items with powerful Master plans.

The Triskell PPM-Factory Master plans are great tools to get a quick and easy visual representation of any portfolio item in the time line. It helps to understand how initiatives, mail stones, projects or any objects are organized in the time line.
Like when it should happen, when it really happens and what is the actual status is. Master plans can use colors defined by lifecycle stages for visual enhancement.  Master plans can display baselines and progress.

Clear Timeline overview

Image Triskell PPM-Factory Feature Graphs and Masterplan on every Object

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