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With Triskell PPM-Factory’s Financial Management capabilities, you can manage your company’s portfolio with real-time visibility into financial performance from budgeting through collection of actual costs.

Get total control of costs and budgets across all portfolios.

Triskell PPM-Factory’s flexible budget management capabilities combines top-down and bottom-up approach to provide clear visibility of budgets, forecasts, actuals and any discrepancies.
Triskell PPM-Factory’s unique approach combining top-down and bottom-up approach ensures real-time visibility into budget performance, forecasts and actual costs across entire portfolios. With roll-up and drill-down capabilities to any level in your portfolio hierarchy.
Manage Budget Forecast and Actuals Cost at Any levels.   Triskell PPM-Factory’s advanced budget management features allow you to manage as many budget versions as needed, according to any timeframe splitting.  This insures that Triskell PPM-Factory can support any budget allocation and review process, for any Portfolio items. Take informed decision in order to plan or re-plan your portfolios to stay aligned with business priorities and financial and human resources capacities.

Get budgeting process under control


Budget Management has never been so easy


Get Read of Spreadsheets.

Time-phased attributes allow users to edit / view periodic data in tabular mode. They can be used to manage costs, headcounts, benefits and any other kind of time-phased data. You can create as many time-phased attributes as you need and they can be attached to any object (i.e. projects, products, departments, customers, risks, and deliverables). They natively include:
Public and private versions (i.e. budget, forecast, actuals): versions are secured by role and lifecycle. No limit in number of versions. Versions can be edited simultaneously in the same grid.
Up to 5 analysis axes for data entry (i.e. cost types, regions, resource types, budgetary buckets) with automatic aggregations.
Multi-currency for budgeting: edit data in Euros, Dollars or any other currency in the same grid.
Multi-timeframe : enter and view data by month, quarter, year or globally.
Automatic rating of amounts based on custom rate tables.
Embedded rollups from child-related objects, from pools and timesheets.
Asses possible impact and results of those business discrepancies and evolution.

Triskell PPM-Factory gives a maximum of agility in order to support your business.

What if analysis to optimize financial resources and get budget under control.

 Triskell PPM-Factory simulation function allows you to anticipate changes and to simulate different scenarios of funding and planning in order to make the best possible decisions.
Multi-currency and multi-rate management. Triskell PPM-Factory can support any kind of business across borders. Multi-currency management and multi-rate management, give total control of budgets, costs and invoicing.
NVP, Earned Value at your fingertips. Thanks to its extreme flexibility, Triskell PPM-Factory can provide any kinds of KPI, even your most specific ones.

All financial indicators and KPIs

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